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About GLS Bank

The GLS Bank is the first sustainable bank in Germany and was founded in 1974. At GLS bank, your money is invested in social and ecological projects. With a bank account at GLS, your money drives the change you want!

What is financed?

A variety of sustainable projects and companies from six different fields are financed: Renewable Energies, Education & Culture, Social & Health, Nutrition, Housing and Sustainable Economy. For a better and sustainable future!

Together we can change the world

In order to change the future, we need YOU and people who share the same vision for tomorrow.

Have a look at what the GLS Bank Community achieved in 2021:

  • 42.957 households with green power

  • 2.207 school- and preschool places

  • 730 new nursing home places

  • 77.2 % of the organic farmlandis certified by Bioland or Demeter

Our Impact: GLS Sustainability Report

Find out more:

GLS Sustainability Report

Insights into the methodology of the report

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We are a member of GABV

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) is an independent global network of banks and financial institutions working for positive change and transformation of finance - towards transparent, real economy, social and ecologically oriented banking.

GLS Bank was a founding member of GABV in 2009 and is now an active part of this growing movement of independent banks and financial institutions.

Currently, 66 financial institutions from 44 countries around the world belong to GABV (Annual Report 2021). Together, these 66 members have 80,000 employees, over 60 million customers and assets of over 200 billion US dollars.

Questions and Answers

Yes, we are happy to open an account with GLS for customers who live abroad.

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Yes, you can dispose of up to 550 euros in cash daily (maximum of 1,100 euros in cash per week). To withdraw cash, please use the ATMs with the Maestro symbol, which is also printed on the bottom right of your card.

The costs for withdrawing cash abroad can be found in our List of Prices and Services

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