The bank where your money drives the change you want.

The GLS Bank was the first social-ecological bank in Germany, founded in 1974. GLS stands for "Gemeinschaftsbank für Leihen und Schenken", which translates to a "Bank-Cooperative for loans and donations". In banking with us your money can support a variety of projects and businesses like organic farms, institutions for natural health, nursing homes, projects for the unemployed, health food stores, communal housing projects, sustainable businesses, as well as independent schools and kindergardens.

Do you know what impact your money has?

You choose

Your money can have the impact you want. When you open an account at the with us, you are the one to choose which high-growth sector your money is invested in. We follow strict social-ecological criteria when it comes to investing your money.


We want to leave this world better than how we found it; we owe it to future generations. Our vision of sustainability is oriented around people and their needs.


Banking is based on trust. We publish a list of companies we finance, so you can see what we do with your money.

Current account

Cash can be withdrawn for free from all banks in the Volksbank (BVR) group. You can bank with us anytime online or using the GLS banking app or via telephone during our service hours listed below. Find your closest cash machine

GLS Bank equity funds

Our investment philosophy is long-term and global equity investments in sustainable companies. We use a fair cost structure.


Members have a voice at the GLS Bank and help shape its future. One benefit is receiving an annual return decided democratically at the annual general meeting.

We of course offer all other services you expect of a modern bank.

It is easy to open an account

1. Open your account here GLS Girokonto

2. Provide your proof of identification via webcam or at a post office.

3. Use our straightforward online banking account transfer service (Kontowechselservice) to inform relevant third parties of your new account details.

Our team would be pleased to assist you.

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